The past week has seen some interesting and unexpected discussions happen with a variety of business owners across the country. In most conversations, the desire to grow came up and the current challenges that were being faced in pursuit of this growth. “Potential clients are just not getting it, team members are just not getting it”… even business owners themselves were not really clear on what they wanted to grow in to…. sound familiar ? 

It’s quite powerful to be able to sit outside someone’s space and look in at what’s happening for them. We find the best way to help business leaders create momentum, is to help them see and feel what growth actually means to them. To want to grow is natural… to know what you want to grow in to and how that will feel when you do is next level. This clarity will help you shape your action plan and create an environment which is aligned and powerful. 

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So regardless of your phase in business, how do you get this clarity and harness the power it will give you? Here are three key elements to help you get your clarity and focus your way forward: 

Key elements to help you get your clarity and focus

  1. What does Growth give you – it’s natural to want to grow, yet most don’t fully understand what that will give them and whether they really want that. You can look at it as more clients, more meetings, more team members… or you can see it as an opportunity to help more clients, making meetings effective so they deliver great outcomes and adding even more quality humans to your team who get to benefit from your example to develop and grow. That’s the environment you are creating which is exciting !
  2. What does Growth give those around you – creating a strategy for you and your business is great… but what does delivering your business strategy mean for those around you. Getting clear on the “What’s in it for me” perspective will help you align your growth aspirations with those who you need on your bus to help you deliver it. Share your vision, create a discussion around what part they can and want to play in this… and then get alignment on what it will mean for them to make this happen.
  3. How vested are you in getting alignment and making it happen – having a business that is growing on your terms is a powerful thing. It allows you to choose where you spend your time, who you really want to work with and who you want on your team to make this happen. Be deliberate in your strategy, take on those activities and people that will help you create the business you want… and give them every reason to want to be part of your growth.

Growth managed well can be an empowering space to be in. It can deliver experiences, create relationships and build trust that makes those involved proud to be part of something much bigger than themselves. Give those around you a tribe to be part of and you’ll soon see your growth aspirations be delivered for you.

Share this with those in your circles who want to create some clarity in their circles. We love helping quality humans create even more possibilities to grow, so share openly. To learn how to build this in to your business, click on the “Book your 20min reset” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen. 

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.