Awareness helps you see the Potential

Awareness helps you see the Potential

“By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved – and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses – you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.”
Jack Canfield

Have you ever found yourself short of time and spending much of your time meeting other’s expectations? You have plenty on your own plate yet others dominate your time and what you work on. This can be extremely frustrating, cause stress & overwhelm and impact your productivity. Not exactly what you want when you are looking to grow and get even greater results.

Having an acute awareness of yourself and your surroundings gives you the ability to control your direction. This was highlighted recently with a number of connections experiencing stress and overwhelm. By spending a bunch of time and effort focussing on things that they either couldn’t control or didn’t know how to control, they found themselves not taking any action and getting frustrated.

Here are three areas where you can develop your awareness and why they matter:

  1. Self Awareness – who are you and who do you need to be. Getting clarity of your strengths and areas that interest you allows you to seek out more work that feeds in to this.

  2. Financial Awareness – knowing your numbers, both in business and personally, allows you to get clear on what’s needed to create your version of financial freedom. “If you don’t measure it you can’t measure it” needs to be part of your financial structure.

  3. Awareness of Direction – what are your goals, targets, activities that will help you and your team/business create the results you want… and where are these taking you. This clarity will help you choose where to focus !

This week, check in on where you need to develop your awareness, be it with yourself, your financial situation or your business. Raising the awareness of everyone in your team ensures the whole team benefits.

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Have an awesome week!

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