“Directions are instructions given to explain how. Direction is a vision offered to explain why”. Simon Sinek

It’s easy to become unclear on what it is that you want to do and what direction you want to head in. With the amount of images, videos, stories, reality tv and media reports designed to shock and sensationalise everyday activities….. it can become unclear what is real and what you can follow.      

A lot of that is irrelevant to most of us. What is relevant though, is our direction and what means the most to us. Getting clear on this and why things mean something to us, will help drive the activities we take on each day and our motivation to make them successful. I see this more and more through business mentoring in Brisbane. 

3 Tips on getting Direction helps

Here are my three tips for you today: 

  1. Make it about you – too often people will choose a direction based on what others might think. Your journey is your journey, your business is your business…. listen to those who have the relevant experience and then you decide what’s best for you

  2. Make it Visible – when you get clear on your direction, put it up in your office, on your desk, on your screensaver. Constant reminders of what it is you want to achieve will help keep you focussed

  3. Make it regular – as part of your daily routine check in on where you’ve set your direction and how you are going to take steps to making this happen. As well, each month take the time to revisit the month and look at the coming month to ensure things are on track.

This week be selfish about what you focus on as ultimately it’s this self focus that will get you the results you want.
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Have an awesome week and keep raising the bar!

Paul Farmer