Great leaders give

Over the weekend I had a number of opportunities to see how people handled leading a group.

Some were of the style where they were at the front controlling where to go and what to to. “Follow me and we will get things done”. While this was effective to a point, there were some challenges as the group started to grow in size.

Then there were others who were more willing to delegate tasks to a team that they had chosen to have around them. “I am in control, however I give you the responsibility and will back your judgement”. This meant two things:

# The load of the leader was spread over a team, rather than resting on the one individual

# The team were given the opportunity to be responsible for helping achieve an outcome. This development meant the leader was able to take on more activities to ensure things ran more smoothly.

So today, work out which type of leader you are, how you can get the best out of your team and be willing to give those around you the opportunity to shine… who knows they may make you look good and enjoy themselves at the same time. 😀