Facilitation & Workshops

Challenges in a team often act like that small spare tyre, preventing the vehicle from reaching top speed.

Developing a consistent strategy within a team or organisation is best achieved in a group scenario. Having everyone involved in creating your desired outcomes and steps to achieve these is key.   

Our "Think outside the Box" Workshops focus on:

Strategy Day Facilitation
  • Changing the way you look at your challenges

  • Creating new Strategies to achieve your desired Outcomes

  • Communicating your outcomes to key Stakeholders

  • Setting KPI's and benchmarks for measuring your level of success

  • Regular Accountability follow-up which to help achieve your outcomes

Facilitation involves:

  • Running Strategy Days for teams to develop their culture, create a vision, refine desired outcomes and create action steps

  • Delivering Strategic Planning meetings to allow management to participate as part of the team

  • Provide independent facilitator function for Board meetings to help create progress in stalled scenarios   

Porgera team members in action

Porgera team members in action