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“Challenges in a team often act like that small spare tyre, preventing the vehicle from reaching top speed. ”

Developing a consistent strategy and a clear direction for a business means everyone is clear on where the business is headed. To achieve this and have it embraced by the team, takes more than telling them what to do. Through the workshops we have run, we see that having key team members involved in creating the desired outcomes, leads to buy in. Sounds like a simple concept, yet it’s one that is often overlooked due to “it’s easier just to tell them what we want”. Running workshops where the resultant strategy is a collaboration of key stakeholders is powerful and leads to impressive results.    

Our Strategic Workshops

For those looking to get a unified strategic direction, we provide an opportunity for our skilled facilitators to guide your team towards clarity. Having all of the team involved in creating the strategy, including that key person who would normally run the workshop, allows the entire team to be focussed on delivering value to the conversation. It also allows an Independent person to not be driving a particular agenda on the day…. we can ask questions they possibly wouldn’t.

Some of the things our strategic workshops help achieve:

  • Changing the way you look at your business challenges

  • Creating new Business Strategies to achieve your desired Outcomes

  • Effective communication of key outcomes to Stakeholders

  • Setting KPI’s and benchmarks for measuring levels of success

  • Setting up Accountability sessions to help drive results

Independent Facilitation involves:

  • Collectively identifying and agreeing desired outcomes to come from the days

  • Senior management actively participating as part of the team, rather than running the days sessions

  • Adding an independent perspective with additional options

  • Development of business culture, creating a vision, refining desired outcomes and creating next steps  


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About Paul Farmer, Mentoris CEO and Business Coach

With a background in finance, business strategy and leadership, Paul has built a reputation as a business mentor responsible for getting the best out of business owners and leaders. His calm and measured ways help create an environment where quality results are created, and growth is delivered for any business or large organisation.  

For the best business mentor Brisbane and the Gold Coast has to offer, contact Paul Farmer at Mentoris. If you are a business owner seeking business mentoring support from someone with many proven years experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

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