Your Perceived Value is a valuable currency in uncertain times. Learn how to harness it and build an insane amount of trust

The heightened uncertainty that possible new shutdowns bring to businesses, has the potential to derail quality work implemented over the past 5 months. BUT… that’s only if you choose to focus on the uncertainty and the noise it creates. Your business and your teams will all continue to create value… as long as they stay focused on adding value in the eyes of your current and potential clients.

The perceived value you add, both as a business and an individual, is a super powerful concept to master. Your ability to influence this provides an opportunity to have potential clients trust you and choose to work with you. Building the way others see you, through the many touch points they experience before they actually meet you, will give you an advantage when looking to grow. Tie this to an emotion and you’ve got yourself a very powerful marketing presence… both personally and business wise. 

So building the perception that you are both a quality human and skilled at solving the problem of others, takes structured effort. Here are three key areas to help you create momentum:

  1. Be clear and consistent – when we see inconsistent messages, it builds confusion rather than trust. Acting in a consistent way, both in how you carry yourself and how you interact with others, will show what they can expect when they work with you. Do you trust someone who is calm and consistent more than someone who is like a roller coaster… I know who i trust more.  
  2. Focus on helping others – looking to help others solve their problems and get quality results will in return, see you grow. When we focus on what we want and our outcomes…. our message becomes about us and not about those who we are looking to impress. “Focus on the process and the results will come” is a phrase we believe in. So make the process about others to create the most value.  
  3. Own your message – when you help others get the message you want them to get, through your actions, your behaviours, your consistency… you influence the potential for value to flow towards you. Take 100% ownership of what others experience when they deal with you… and you will be the one who benefits.   

We can’t control others perceptions of us, yet what we can do is influence them. Having a strong message delivered consistently will have others seeking you out to help them add value to their circles.  
Forward on to those who will benefit from hearing this today. Helping others create quality results for themselves is our specialty… so help others in your networks by ensuring they get this in their inbox today.