Business Strategy

  • Refocus your business strategy to get even greater results

  • Identify clear next steps to create momentum

  • See what’s possible and identify more options to value add to your ideal customers

  • Independent sounding board bringing an external perspective

Pic courtesy of Paul Lewin Photography

Pic courtesy of Paul Lewin Photography

Leadership Mentoring

  • Build your skills and confidence to make you a better leader

  • Mentoring support developing your leadership style, delivering better performance for both you and your teams

  • Helping your team become leaders themselves


Facilitation & Workshops

  • Independent facilitation allows senior management to participate as a team member with no hidden agendas

  • Workshops allow teams to develop an awareness on specialised topics to add even more value

  • Annual Strategy Days, Business Strategy Resets, Value add


Athlete Mentoring

  • Turning your sport in to a career is exciting and challenging all in one

  • Our mentoring programs help you get clear on what the journey can look like and support your journey.

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Brisbane Business Strategy Sessions

The Mentoris Strategy

The challenges of time management, inconsistent cashflow, limited financial awareness and a strong desire to become even more efficient to allow delegation are the driving factors behind clients seeking out an experienced business strategist.

Sometimes we need a perspective from outside our circles to help us see what’s really going on. Helping business owners and team leaders to see the path forward has always been our driving force.

The Mentoris Group, based in Brisbane, bring a background of Strategy, Analysis and Leadership to the table. Getting clarity and direction in your business, having that independent sounding board who can help you think outside the square, helping Leaders see how to be true leaders… all help business owners create the business they want.

Operating across multiple disciplines, clients continue to come from industries including trade based businesses, financial services, consulting, entertainment, website and app development, legal and accounting just to name a few.

With client growth and development at the forefront of our focus, we are always looking for quality business owners to work with. Our aim is to be one of the top Small Business and Leadership Strategists based in Brisbane.


Business Strategy


In the absence of a management team or board, regular strategic conversations bring the additional skills and experience you need.

An independent perspective allows fresh ideas and options to be identified.

We provide an opportunity for you to challenge your current thinking and identify efficiencies to deliver even more growth.


Business Mentoring


Frustrated the effort you are making isn't getting you the results you want?

Want your actions to result in success rather than more overwhelm & stress?

By getting clarity on what your direction is, it allows you to focus on creating a plan to achieve success.

We've helped business owners and leaders become effective so we can also help you!


Leadership Mentoring


Are you the one who works longer hours and as a result neglect other areas of your life... family, health?

Do you struggle to delegate work to others to free up your time?

Do YOU see the business direction, but struggle to communicate this with others in a clear and effective manner? 

We work with you to help you work smarter not harder by being strategic about how you operate!



Group Workshops

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Do you see the team's potential but they don't?

Are your team empowered to lead or do they see it as the leader's responsibility to make things happen ?

Empowering teams to adopt "Leadership from Within" helps build a success culture.  


Athlete Mentoring

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Discovering the path to the top of your sport can be challenging and often you need support to get there. 

We help you get Clarity and Direction on what success looks like and then support you in delivering on your potential.