As the saying goes, see a rainbow and follow it to the end to find your pot of gold. Over the weekend we saw this ray of colour and sadly the first thought was “oohh where’s the gold”. This may give you an insight in to our confidence levels, that we felt we may need a pot of gold to cover the wagers on our round.

That we were focussed on an end result and what we could get, rather than taking note of what was actually going on in front of us, meant we were missing the true essence of this natural wonder. This actually sparked a conversation about who we had been over the past week and it appeared that we had been focussing on chasing the gold and not being present to what was in front of us. 

Nature and buildings - finding more opportunities

We often choose to focus on the gold at the end of a rainbow, rather than what’s happening right in front of us. This showed up over the past week with several business leaders, each striving to scale and be successful, each becoming increasingly frustrated with where they were currently… yet each missing the quality business and humans that were in front of them.

Here are 3 ways you can see your rainbow and create your own pots of gold:

  1. What are the facts – too often we get wrapped up in someone’s perception of what’s actually happening. They aren’t focussing on what actually happened or what was actually the case… they were focussing on their perception of what was happening. We call people on this and ask them to “Remove the Grey”… get clear on what the facts are, and these will let you see what’s driving your actions…. the facts or your perception of the situation.
  2. Who are you being – the results we get, our “gold”, are a reflection of who we are being. A business is a reflection of the business owners, your space is a reflection of how you carry yourself, your family are a reflection of how you interact with them. Over the past week, who have you been… have you been present, have you been proactive, have you been avoiding some tough conversations. Be the best version of you and others will start to see your true colours. 
  3. Understand the feeling – when chasing your gold, it’s vital to know what that gold is and how it will feel when you have made it happen. For some, if may be the ability to choose where they spend their time, to sell the business, to retire, to work 4 days a week and have a “family day”. This strategic clarity will help you add even more motivation and help focus on what’s in front of you… which will lead you to your pot of gold and the feeling you actually want. 

We often use rainbows as a metaphor for business with our clients. The most relevant one recently has been… “If you only chase the pot of gold, you’ll miss the beauty of the rainbow along the way”. Focus on the facts in front of you, focus on who you are being (be ok being you) and the impact this has on those around you, and understand what the feeling is when you ultimately want to experience. These will help you ensure your journey is an enjoyable one that also leads you to your pot of gold.  

Forward this to those you feel would benefit from hearing this and want to create a journey on their terms. We love helping quality humans see what’s possible for them and reaching more of these people is our mission.   

Thank you and have an amazing week.