“Do all those around you know how they impact your ability to be successful?” 

Over the past week, I have been fortunate to have conversations with a lot of people involved in either running events or pushing themselves to drive and be even more successful in their lives. . Through these conversations, it became obvious that a common theme was emerging. Each of these people were trying to achieve their desired outcome but were getting a bit stuck. Yes they all wanted more, yet it wasn’t clear how this could be made possible.

“So who around you is involved in getting your outcome yet may not be aware of the importance of their role or the potential to help you be more successful?”

Whether it be your partner and the role they play in helping keep you on track; extended family checking in to see how you are doing and if you need a hand; your friends who are there to be sounding boards for ideas; or those you work with who may not yet know how they impact your workload…. all these people impact your potential to be successful. So what would happen if you took the time to include them in your vision, educate them on how they impact and how they can help you become even more successful?     

We spend most of our time focussing on setting OUR goals, putting systems in place to deliver OUR processes, taking OUR action…. and we all try to do it on our own. As they are OUR results we think it is solely us driving our bus to success.

This week have conversations with those people who may be unaware of the roles (either directly and indirectly) they play in your journey…. you may be surprised how willing they are to help you step up. I will post this on my Mentoris Facebook page, so please share your stories of conversations you have had and how things have changed …regardless of the outcome.  

Have an awesome, successful week.