Mentoring Brisbane

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves”. Steven Spielberg

Spending time building a successful career or business is challenging. The hard work, dedication, sacrifice and focus required to get the results is sometimes underestimated. It soon becomes apparent that there are ways to be efficient in this process…. but are we prepared to be proactive with these.     

One way is to surround yourself with quality people who have the prior experience, exposure and attitude to help you on your journey. Having quality mentors has helped me become the leader and person I wanted to be. Their guidance and direction, support and challenge helps you grow and develop the skills you need to be truly successful.            

3 Tips on how Mentoring helps

Here are my three tips for you today: 

  1. Challenge your thinking – we set off on our journey and get focussed on what we think we need to do. Having someone who has been on that path before helps to highlight some ways to stay on the path.

  2. Accountability – having a plan and being accountable for getting the results is much easier when you have someone checking in regularly. Taking action has added purpose when you have someone looking at your results.

  3. Pump up your tyres – we all love validation of a job well done, especially in challenging times of building a career and business. The added motivation that can a “Well done” or “That’s an awesome result” from someone you respect is so valuable.

So knowing this, look at those people in your circles who will be able to become great mentors for you. Ask them questions and get them in your corner… trust me it’s a quality way to ensure you get and keep the clarity and direction you need.
Hit the “forward to friends” link up top and let those in your networks see how they can do this for themselves.

Feel you have something you would like to work on together, send a confidential note to and we’ll help you make it happen.

Have an awesome week and keep raising the bar!

Paul Farmer