In this week’s video we give you a couple of tips to help you keep ahead of the curve through leadership and it’s growing trend of workplace flexibility.

Friday I had the privilege to attend a Business Series Lunch where an expert panel including Andrew Coronis, Georgia Plunkett-Scott, Alistair Dawson and Nicole Gibson discussed the impact Millennials are having on Leadership. It’s taking a disruptive view whereby more are looking to have their “Why” met through flexibility (flexible work practices, project based opportunities) rather than seeking pure monetary rewards.

This was interesting as I’ve been of the view that leading from within a team is such a powerful method of delivering results. Choosing the best team members and giving them the backing to develop and grow will bring top results.

Be it your own business, a small team, or a larger team… here are a couple of tips to keep on top through Leadership:

  • Motivation – finding what motivates you and your team members allows recognition and validation to be aligned with this.

  • Flexibility – increasingly we are becoming more likely to entertain flexible conditions (reward yourself with an afternoon off for success) than seeking pure monetary reward. Consider being flexible to also inspire and motivate.

  • Lead – we all have the opportunity to take up the mantle leader. Raising your standards will bring improved results and inspire others around you to do the same.

This week, take a look at how you are currently performing as a leader. Do you know what motivates you and your team members, or do you have some work to do this week?

Let me know what comes up for you and have an awesome week !