When we spend so much time in our business or a particular job, we can become comfortable with where we are and what we are doing. When we get comfortable, it becomes even more challenging to consider anything other than being comfortable…. choosing to step up and challenge the status quo in an attempt to grow can become all too hard.

How good would it feel to experience that feeling and drive you had when you started your business, job, career?  Good news is that you can… and it isn’t a complex process.

Some simple tips to regaining this feeling are:

  • Step Back – take a step back and look at what you are currently doing. Do you like the look of what is happening or do you want to change things?

  • Why – what excited you about starting your business or taking that job ? Are there ways to get that feeling back?

  • End Game – do you know what your ultimate end game is? Do you ultimately want to sell your business, get to a certain level in an organisation when you retire, become a subject matter expert to coach others when you leave work/business?

This week, consider these tips and what you see as a result. Are you happy with being comfortable or do you need to step up to change the End Game you want… that’s your choice to make so what’s it going to be?
Have an awesome week and pm me your thoughts on