past experiences

In this week’s video, I recognise that over time we delete, distort and generalise the way in which we see things…. based on past experiences.  

Spending time with a 2 and 3year old over the weekend made me realise that how we view the world is very much shaped by our past experiences. The unquestioned curiosity of someone who is yet to experience most things in life was very refreshing, as all experiences were seen as an opportunity to learn. As we experience events, take action and make mistakes, we create a feeling around the results we get. These results then impact how we react when faced with a similar situation.

If this reaction is preventing you from seeing an option that would have otherwise been available, then we have deleted that option as a possibility and limited the results we can achieve.   
So this week, look through the eyes of a 3yr old when faced with a particular situation or challenge. What would they see and what would they do without the past experiences to influence their behaviour? You may see new options opening up !

Let me know your thoughts and have an awesome week!