Brisbane Business Strategy

With the Black Friday sales now done and the pre Christmas sales continuing, it signals just over 3 weeks until Christmas. Some will be in countdown mode, looking to simply finish off the work they currently have and slip in to the break feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

For others, the next 3 weeks will include extra long hours, taking on everything that comes at them and choosing to try and ensure every stakeholder’s expectations are met…. generally at the expense of their own. It’s always been a time of year where you can have both dynamics happening in the same business.

Locking in your 2020    strategic conversation    for early January allows you to get it in the diary now. Photo | Paul Lewin Photography

Locking in your 2020 strategic conversation for early January allows you to get it in the diary now. Photo | Paul Lewin Photography

As business leaders, we can choose to proactively manage the pre Christmas party rush and continue to deliver value. So how can we ensure a positive impact on our business… here are some tips:

  • Contact with your “A class” clients now
    This acts as dual purpose. Firstly, you thank them for being quality clients throughout the year… something that shows you value them as humans and as clients. Secondly, you give them the opportunity to lock in a date for any work pre Christmas. It shows that you see them as a priority.

  • Set deadlines for taking on work
    What is your cut-off point when you put up the “Thank you for your enquiry. We have hit capacity of work we can guarantee for delivery pre Christmas. Internally, this is also a conversation that needs to be had with your teams. Get aligned with timelines and expectations to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Set up 2020 activities
    Saying no to work is challenging at the best of times, especially with the fear that potential clients might go elsewhere. By managing expectations (using No not Yet) and challenging whether work is truly a pre Christmas delivery, where possible we can lock in a January date for delivery. This way the team and the client are aligned.

As business leaders, we have expectations from multiple stakeholders to close work out before Christmas. Proactively managing this expectation will ensure customer satisfaction levels are in tact and work gets locked in on your preferred timeline.

Forward this to anyone who may be challenged managing this process and saying no when timelines are tight. If you need help getting the best result in these circumstances… let’s chat about how we can help.

Paul Farmer
Managing Director