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This week we’ve spent time hearing stories from leaders about getting busy again and frustration is starting to kick in. The overwhelm is coming from constantly changing schedules, workload encroaching on personal time and a constant battle to meet the expectations of clients and family.  

The “busyness” roller coaster is one we generally create for ourselves based on fear. The fear of not meeting others expectations, saying no or going elsewhere, sees us move everything in our schedule to ensure our stakeholders get what they want when they want it. That’s a choice most leaders make based on their fear of not wanting to disappoint. It makes us SUPER unproductive and hence the frustration.

Taking control of you and your schedule lets you set your priorities, manage the way you spend your time and de-risk the chances of frustration and overwhelm. Three key elements to help manage your time will be:

  1. Set Expectations – be up front up front. Create the expectations of the activities you are looking to add to your schedule. Remove any assumptions you will make and be clear with those you are working with. 

  2. Work to your Schedule – our schedules are designed for us to manage. The workload, the time frames and the deliverables are for us to manage… and when we don’t that’s when the overwhelm and invasion of personal time come in. Value your time and control the conversations to get some normality in your schedule.

  3. Be prepared to say no not yet – flatly agreeing to the time lines of others ensures you lose control of your schedule. Be prepared to say no not yet and show where it can fit will ensure you stay in control. “I have 12pm & 3pm available today… which would you like to lock in”? This allows you to manage your schedule and create efficiencies.    

Your ability to manage the conversations and your own your schedule will determine the control you have and the results you get. Be in control, manage the expectations up front, be prepared to say no not yet… and you have a chance to prioritise your deliverables and smash the time lines. 
Forward this to those who need to hear this today. If they sign up they can get these directly each Monday. If they ask, we help SME owners and leaders grow, create momentum and empower their teams to make a difference.

Have a super efficient week and keep taking steps forward, as no matter how small they may seem, they are still moving you forward.