This was Sunday morning and we were on our morning’s sleepover adventure. We had finished off the second half of the Harry Potter movie from the night before, then off to a breakfast of “nola and berries”, then to the pirate ship at the playground and back home to colour in those unicorns before mum came for collection. It was a carefully laid out plan and delivered to perfection….. by a 6yr old.

It made me realise how when you have a clear idea of what you want to fill your time with, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel while you are doing it… you don’t have to leave this to kids to show us how to do things. Getting clear on what you want to achieve in your day, what activities will help you make this happen, who can help you make them happen…. all tie back to the feeling you really want.

So how can we emulate a 6yr old and create a day that is filled with things that make us feel like the photo above? We have identified 3 ways you can choose to do this:

3 Perfect ways to set a plan in business

  1. Instill My House My Rules – you create a business to achieve those things that will give you that feeling of satisfaction. By having others dictate what happens in your space, is you choosing to let them. Set your expectations up front, have that conversation to ensure those involved are clear on the desired outcomes… then give them an opportunity to work with you to make them happen. This is especially important with those outside your team / business.
  2. Value your time – each day you spend working towards your goals and outcomes, is another day that shows you value your time. If everyone else gets your time and you are dragged away from your schedule… unless it benefits the team / business it’s being ineffective. Your time is precious… be clear what activities get your time and ensure the upside of spending time with others adds value to their future activities.
  3. What’s Important – a 6yr old saw enough value in half a Harry Potter movie, scootering down to breakfast and time on the swings… to hatch a plan to make it happen. Set out what’s key for you and put in a plan to make it happen. Committing it to paper and breaking it down into smaller chunks (30 / 60 / 90 days) will allow you to then see who is needed to take on aspects of your plan and what they need to help make it happen. Remember this… the 6yr old couldn’t go to the shops / swings alone… 😉

Having a documented road map / plan gives you, and those you need to help deliver your plan, a clarity and direction that is powerful. You set yourself up to create opportunities to generate even more momentum… building those around you in the process. Give to others and often, it will develop their trust and have them feel valued!

Are you missing this in your business or career? If so, let’s chat as we can work together to see you delivering on your potential. Click on the links to set up a Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.