Individual Mentoring for Business Rockstars

Being a business owner or leader in a business can be a lonely place. The corner office might have a nice view, yet it can be a challenging space to be in when tough decisions are required to be made. Having an opportunity to work with someone who can help you create better results can remove some of the isolation from that corner office.

Are you someone who struggles to delegate and feel like you need to be in total control of everything? Are you in a period of transition and need extra skills to step up? Do you wish you had team members who could take some of your work on so you could spend more time on the high level activities like steering the ship? Well we’ve found ways to make this possible and have strategies to help both your Top executives give up control and your next level step up.

Business Mentoring involves conversations with team members which help identify their ideal outcomes, current challenges, options to develop their skillsets, and help create a plan of attack to achieve those outcomes going forward. 

As our clients have seen, and can attest to, after working with us you can expect a renewed focus on potential opportunities and growth, a clear direction of what matters and some wildly important goals through the short, medium and long term. Accountability plays a big part in the success of our sessions, with commitments made after each session which are included to ensure your new growth path is maintained.

As part of the mentoring programs, you will receive a motivational email each monday morning, designed to get your week started on the front foot.

How does Business Mentoring work?

We set out what you would like to achieve by the end of the program. This fixed the ultimate outcomes that you would be happy achieving.

We meet up regularly, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly… to talk through creating a mindset shift whit how we currently operate and how we want to be operating. These sessions will be an opportunity to check in on progress and tear down some of those old habits and create new ones.

We set commitments for the period up to when we catch up again and check in to see how you went…. this accountability is a powerful tool that clients find creates action !   




About Paul Farmer, Mentoris CEO and Business Coach

With a background in finance, business strategy and leadership, Paul has built a reputation as a business mentor responsible for getting the best out of business owners and leaders. His calm and measured ways help create an environment where quality results are created, and growth is delivered for any business or large organisation.  

For the best business mentor Brisbane and the Gold Coast has to offer, contact Paul Farmer at Mentoris. If you are a business owner seeking business mentoring support from someone with many proven years experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

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