We have no time and our team is the same… Coincidence?

June is an interesting month for a lot of reasons. For a lot of businesses, it’s the end of the financial year which brings it’s unique pressures. “How can we we hit our targets before 30 June, we have budget left over that needs to be spent before 30 June or we lose it, we have committed to getting jobs out before 30 June, and school holidays started last week so some have chosen to take holidays meaning heightened workloads”. Interesting times in your space at the moment ?

We’ve seen the businesses who are successful during these times have at least one thing in common… their business leaders and the way they operate. It’s no coincidence that where leaders are erratic and all over the shop, their teams also reflect this. It seems to make it ok to be the same. The bosses are doing this or overlooking that, so it must be ok…. yet it’s the leaders who get frustrated that the team members are behaving in a way that reflects the way they are behaving… the frustration is being caused by the leaders. Huh go figure.

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So as leaders, when you find yourself getting frustrated with things becoming “chaotic”, stop and focus on these simple elements to get you back in line:

Best things to follow

  • Reflect – now is a perfect time to look back at the past 12 months and ask yourself some quality questions:
  1. What have we smashed out of the Park?
  2. What have we learned?
  3. What do we want the next 12 months to be?
  4. How can we do more of the “smashed it out of the park” stuff and bring in the learnings to make the next 12 months even better? Regardless of size, this time is a perfect opportunity to do this for you and with your teams.
  • Reshape – Recreate the expectations you want as part of your business and the standards the business will deliver…. especially from the top down. Be clear what these are and have leaders live the expectations expected of others. Value the values / non negotiables and help all of those who influence the business, see how they each have an influence and what it means… both for the business and them. if things need to change, then this reset is a perfect time to do so.
  • Rip In – you’ve reviewed the direction of the business, you’ve reshaped where things are headed and what success will look like in 12 months, you’ve reset the expectations to help deliver this… now it’s time to rip in and make it happen. By operating in a structured way, as leaders we make it ok for those around us to act in the same way. Teams love structure as it gives them clarity of what’s expected and their role to deliver on these expectations. Be clear, be the standard and give those around you every reason to be successful.  

Your business or space will be a reflection of you… so if you want to set things up for success… start with you. Be the standard, live the expectations, be there for those around you and remember… people buy people so connect to your humans. 

Forward this to those who need to hear this today. We are running an Intimate Reset workshop on the 15th July in Brisbane if you would like to take on the process above so check it out here… https://www.stickytickets.com.au/jmwd7 

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Have an awesome week and look forward to hearing about your wins.