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We are constantly in the space of making decisions, either for you or for others. Even more so now, the impact of making these decisions (or choosing to not make a decision which is making a decision) can move us in to a place of increased certainty or further away from it.  

Whether it be choosing to take on that work you know is going to be painful, choosing to have the salad rather than the oversized burger, listening to the car’s navigation system or taking our own detour because we think it will be a quicker; or listening and filtering advice from those around us. This constant decision making can be challenging, especially when there is a fear of not knowing whether your decision is the right one. By making a decision, you are at least giving yourself an opportunity to get the result YOU want.

When we are faced with a decision, we generally have three options: FIGHT (make the decision and get on with things), FLIGHT (run away from making a decision so choose to keep doing the same thing… which in itself is making a decision to run), or FREEZE (we choose do nothing… which again is making a decision).

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So how do you spend even more time in the Fight space?

Here are a couple of things that may help you be that Fight type person:

  • Decision makers are respected – you will generally be surrounded by others who need direction. Making decisions and taking steps to go forward, whether it’s the best way or not, gives those around you a certainty that a decision has been made and there is a direction to move in. This keeps giving them a “we are in motion and things are happening” feeling which helps them feel like they can continue to move forward. Make more decisions and make them often…
  • Getting a piece of the upside – Michael Jordan famously said “100% of the shots i don’t take didn’t go in”. By making a decision, you give yourself the opportunity to get the result you want. Doing nothing or sitting back and wishing, waiting & hoping something will change, removes the extra benefits that come with making the decision to step up or try something different. Your ability to be in Fight mode will see you get results that will reflect even more of the potential upside.
  • You learn – You make a decision and it isn’t the optimal decision…. does the world stop turning or the sun stop coming up in the morning? No, these continue to happen regardless. When you make a decision that may not get you the result you wanted, this is an opportunity to learn from it, and choose to make another one to move you towards the result you actually want. This learning with make your future decisions even more impressive.

So what’s that one decision you have been putting off? This week, channel your inner Fight and make that decision. Do this and I guarantee you will experience growth and get even more stellar results!

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