Pic courtesy of Paul Lewin Photography

Pic courtesy of Paul Lewin Photography

During the week I presented to a room of business owners keen to build their businesses. Stepping up to the microphone with minimal notes or ‘props’, is something that would have been challenging for me a couple of years ago – not everyone seeks to be in the spotlight.

So what’s changed in the last two years?

I’ve become very self-aware – taking the time to get connected with who I am and what my journey is. Knowing this allows me to focus on my path enabling greater success. In doing this, I also help others get clear on their outcomes and how to achieve them, aligned with integrity, honesty, trust – my values. 

So how can we shine without needing to be in the spotlight? Here are three tips that have worked for me:

  1. Lead from within – I’ve seen leaders stand at the front and say follow me, yet they hadn’t earned the respect for the team to follow. Build rapport with your team and use their collective individual strengths to build a results driven group

  2. Delegate & support – business owners find relinquishing control challenging. Yet to delegate work, whether it’s to current team members or taking on contract staff, will free up your time to create higher value work

  3. Support updards – when was the last time you gave your boss feedback that they were doing a great job? Want them to keep making those tough decisions that keep allowing you to get on with things, tell them how you appreciate their decision making and the impact it is having on your team. They may just feel like making more of them…. 😉

This week, take a moment to consider how you choose to get things done and whether any of these tips will change your results. 

Have an awesome week and share this with those in your networks so we can have even more people getting even better results!