professional judgement

So how does backing your own judgement help you achieve even more success? Sunday mornings are allocated to recharge the batteries and invest in me…. spending time in an activity I love, that’s not directly work related, surrounded by other quality people doing the same. The picture above may present a view contrary to this to some…standing on the tee faced with the seemingly daunting prospect of hitting a small ball over so much water.   

So where does your focus go to in the picture?

Most would focus on the mass of water in front of them, balking at taking it on. I see this as an exciting prospect, challenging the skills I’ve developed through years of practice and playing, forcing me to back these skills to reach the fairway far away down the right hand side.  

Here are three tips that have worked for me, when backing myself:

  1. Get comfortable with you and your skills – you know the skills you have and how much work you’ve put in to get to where you are now. The hard work, whether it be studying, work experience, spending time with quality mentors, has got you to this point.

  2. See what could go right – this is a perfect example of how easy it would be to focus on the massive downside that’s staring us in the face. Adjust your focus and picture what your view will be when you reach the desired outcome… here it’s the 2nd shot from the fairway.

  3. Make a decision and trust your judgement – once you are prepared to back your skills and can see what things will look like when you succeed, then you choose to be 100% present in taking action and following through. The intensity in which you do this will actually determine your success…. in the water or on the fairway.

So this week, when faced with a challenge or an opportunity, step through the above tips and see where you land your ball. I’m certain your success % will skyrocket when you are the one who backs your judgement.   

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Cheers and have an awesome week!