Just do it!

Just do it! …With so much marketing and online content these days, it’s easy to get wrapped up in slogans. From Amazon’s “Work hard, have fun, make history” to McDonalds “I’m loving’ it” they have their place in getting us to do something.

The one slogan that resonates with me is Nike’s “Just do it”… for a number of reasons:

It’s simple… nowadays we try to complicate things by making them far more complex than we need to. Keeping things simple makes it much easier to get things done.

It drives action… make that decision, take that step, choose to take something on, have a go at something you’ve been putting off, Eat that frog first up.

It gives you an opportunity to experience the growth that you want.

I love using it whenever I want to make a decision. Applying the “Just do it” motto has me looking at what could go right when I make that decision. Far too often we focus on what could go wrong when making decisions, not on the potential for things to go well.

So now knowing this, what will you choose to do differently this week? Do you apply the Just do it motto or is it time to start? If you do start, let me know how  it changes the way you spend your days and the impact it has.

Have an awesome week!