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It’s become clear over the past few months, that constant change has become the new normal. Constantly being asked to make significant decisions in an uncertain environment is changing the dynamic of being a business leader. Yet it also brings with it renewed opportunities to do things that may not have existed without the disruption. It’s these bright shiny things that can lead to your growth… if they are taking you in a direction that truly matters to you. 

We’ve had a number of business owners identify a new “lack of clarity” in what they are looking to achieve and why it matters to them…. their definition of #WINNING has become clouded with so many moving parts. “I want to say yes to these opportunities but i’m not sure if this will take me in a direction I want to go” is a very common comment that is coming up at the moment. If you were to have what that will give you, is that aligned with your definition of #WINNING and are you driven to make that happen? This often creates an Ah Ha moment when you actually consider what really matters to you.

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So how do you choose to take ownership of your knowing? Here are a few options that have created value for both business leaders and their team members recently:

3 Key things that can create value for both business leaders and team members

  1. What do you actually want – we often use “My House My Rules” as a way to help create clarity of what should fill your time. Making your space your priority will help you see what truly matters. It will involve helping others solve their pain points, and that’s ok. But remember that doing this in your way will align you with what matters to you, to your values and how you operate… not have you align to the way others want you to operate. This alignment will create a space where you love operating and the results will become obvious.
  2. Be clear on Expectations up front – when we remove the “grey area” and clearly spell out what the desired outcome is to be, and what’s expected from both parties…. it makes it clear what’s required and the space we are creating. When this clarity isn’t established, it becomes an opportunity for others to fill your space with their own perceived timelines & standards. These are generally aligned with what they want and will come at your expense. Take ownership and set clear expectations up front to influence the impact on your space.
  3. Be 100% Honest, especially with yourself – is what you are creating giving you the feeling you want? Do you have line of sight to achieve this? When you are honest with yourself, and it’s ok to do this, you will truly see what’s being reflected in your results. Being 100% honest regardless of what the answer is, will drive your ability to get to the true sense of what you are truly creating. If you see something that lights you up, get after making it happen and be inspired to create more opportunities to experience the feeling from being in that space. 

This week’s challenge is to get clear on what your definition of #WINNING is for you. To understand this will create the space to reset expectations, to revalue your value and build opportunities to say yes to more of those things that move you towards #WINNING more often. Getting you clear, and having others recognise this renewed level of your value, will allow you to reset expectations and build your space from the inside out. 

Share this with those in your networks who need to hear it. To learn how to build this in to your business, click on the “Book your 20min” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen. This is something you can control.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.