Lasting Impressions

Have you ever thought how to make a lasting impression on someone? While waiting in line for a coffee this morning I found myself watching the line of people in front of me be served and shuffle off to get their coffee. As each person’s turn to be served came, the legend at the counter would greet everyone with a smile, a “Good Morning, has your day got off to a great start and what can I do to help maintain that momentum?”.

Even if I was having a challenging start to the day, I couldn’t grumble when greeted with such enthusiasm and positivity.

So what did I learn? Every person in that line wants to be made to feel special. For that moment of interaction, they want to feel like they matter and that they are the centre of the universe….. so let’s give it to them.

Whether you are getting on a bus, buying your lunch, meeting a client to talk about your 2020 plans… take the time to make that other person in your conversation feel like you care.

How much does it cost…. Nothing, How long does it take… No time at all.

So keep that in mind next time you are talking to someone. The impression you leave them with may open the door to potential clients in their networks. 

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