Leaders Get Lost Sometimes too

“Most people stop playing the game (living their dreams) and instead are cheering with the crowd (following the masses)… just because they missed a penalty, a chance, an opportunity. Let nothing stop you! It’s time to start playing again, it’s your dream, it’s your baby, make it happen” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Over the past week there have been moments where quality leaders, successful in either running a business or their career, have confessed to losing track of the path they were on. They were wrapped up in comparing themselves to others and not focussing on what was happening in their lane. Being in Business strategy we see this regularly.

It can easily be done and with so many distractions in front of us now, through social media and the “Instant society”, we can replace our expectations with those we think others have of us. So remembering that our path is our path is key… it’s our feet that are going one after another to keep us moving forward.

Next time you feel this happening, here are 3 tips that have helped get quality leaders back on track:

  • Your journey is your journey – be clear on what you want, why it matters to you and how you will take steps to create that end destination you want. Sometimes it takes saying “this is what I need” and seeing what turns up to allow you to stay on track

  • Focus on the problems you solve for others – too often we get wrapped up in what we are getting out of a situation. By seeing the benefit someone else gets from you working with them, this can add to the rewards you get from being a quality operator

  • Enjoy what it is you do – we invest significant time, effort and money while running our race. Surrounding yourself with quality people, who care about you and helping you be super successful, will help create something you enjoy. Doing what you do with a smile on your face allows you to keep seeing the upside you have.

This week, take a moment over a coffee to reflect on how you are running your race. Are you on your path, or that path that others expect you to take. Your skillsets solves problems for others… how good does this feel.

Forward this on to those in your networks so they too can get value from our regular tips. If you would like to be a leader who sets their standard at a level for others to follow, send us a note at strategy@mentorisgroup.com.au and let’s chat about how we can add value.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director