In this week’s video we give you an insight in to how working together in clutch teamwork situations will get you the results

This weekend was the start of finals rugby here in Brisbane. The nature of finals is that it can be knockout, where a loss will end your season. This added pressure will be handled in different ways, both individually and in teamwork dynamics.  

When put under pressure, be it in your own business, a small team, or you personally… how do you handle the situation and what do you draw on to get your results? Here are a couple of tips to help get the results you want:

  • Fight, Flight or Freeze – choosing to do one of these will impact your outcomes. Fight for the result you want, leave and do something else or do nothing… i’m sure you know which to choose.

  • Ask the question – seeking a direction, either from yourself or others around you, is a way to ensure you are continuing to move forward. Leaders seek opinions from those around them to make decisions… so be a leader and ask the question

  • You can get there – even when under pressure, that’s the time when you most need to back your ability and deliver the result. Self belief in that moment will open the opportunity to win…. so trust that you have all you need and make the call.

This week, be like the team behind on the scoreboard who needs to score to get the result. Look at what needs to be achieved, put a plan in place to get there and fight to get the result. The team on the weekend got the win… so can you !     

Let me know how you go and have an awesome week !