Fill your Cup

If you have been working on chasing and building your dreams, you have probably had tunnel vision for quite some time and left your self-care ( taken time to fill your cup) far behind you. Investing in you is generally the first thing that slips off the schedule when we are under the pump…

So why does this matter? When we get tired, frustrated, unfocused – it impairs quality decision making. We project our frustrations on to others, we focus on the challenges rather than on growing and developing others…. all having an impact on delivering quality results. 

Here are three tips to help you fill your cup and prevent burnout: 

  1. Regular “time out” sessions – lock in time each month to do something for you (hit a bucket of balls at the range or punch a bag at the gym to de-stress, get a massage, have breakfast and a late start at work)

  2. Check in with those around you – those who you constantly interact with will be able to give you the feedback of when they see you needing a break. Drop the ego and listen as they can probably see things you won’t want to.

  3. Stay connected with your Purpose – regularly check in to see that you are working towards something that has meaning to you. Spending excessive amounts of time on things that don’t matter will sap you of drive and energy.

This isn’t rocket science, yet we all take our eye off the ball at some stage and fall in to the same habits that steal our time and fill our calendars. 

This week, if that feeling of exhaustion and stress does hit you, check in with these 3 tips and ask how they can help you fill your cup so you can keep charging on.         

Have an awesome week!