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“There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen ie; make your move, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” – Mark Kay Ash

We are already one month down in 2018 and it’s been hectic around here. With new clients signing on to get clarity on the direction of their businesses, board appointments and planning for a wedding in early May.  

So how can you make your move?

  • Get clarity – the most common cause of us not taking action is a lack of clarity of what you want. Get clear on the results you want (ie performance targets, prioritise family time, block out special occassions) and document these.

  • Who’s involved – generally we think that we are the only ones who impact our journey. Those around you, whether it’s family, friends, employees, customers, all impact your success so consider how you can have them help you

  • So what – this is my favourite question to ask. What could happen when you make that decision and take that action…. what upside could happen that won’t if you don’t take that action. I could get that promotion, raise, more flexibility if I ask that question.

So this week, try living by one of my simple mantras: “You can stay comfortable or you can chase to do those things that make you heart pound and give your goosebumps…. make your move”. 

If you need help getting clarity then get in contact.  

Have an awesome week!