Having spent the past week travelling around the the Islands of Hawaii, I’ve found myself coming back with a renewed energy and focus on how to create even more value and be even more productive. Thinking outside the square and shifting your focus on to learning about new cultures and places is very refreshing.   

So what does this mean? Leading in to the Christmas break, it’s given me the drive to push on with making the last month of the year very productive. Finishing the year with a bang will make the effort even more worth it.     
Here are 3 tips to finishing off the rest of the year and getting a jump on 2018:

  1. There’s still time – traditionally November & December is a time when companies have Xmas parties and start to wind down leading in to the holidays. This is a perfect time to keep the foot on the pedal being more productive & achieve to make 2017 an even better year

  2. Start planning for 2018 – with a lull in expectations coming up, it’s a perfect time to get in front of those who can help make 2018 a great year. Set out a plan, have the conversations and come back post holidays already running

  3. An Independent perspective – when setting out your strategy, it is often more efficient and effective to have someone not tied to what you are doing facilitate the sessions. This gives all those involved the opportunity to focus on participating and have their say, without having to manage the day.

This week look at how you can make the most of the next month leading in to the Christmas period and how you can set yourself up for an awesome 2018. If facilitation will help, let’s set up a time to get your strategy in place. 
Share with those you know who will benefit from reading it and have an awesome week !