Mentoring for Employees

Employees that feel known and they feel like they know why their job matters and they have a sense of measuring it stay later, do extra work, and are committed to the organisation above the requirements that they have. Patrick Lencioni

Sitting in a boardroom from 8am to 4pm on a Saturday wouldn’t be on the list of “must do” activities for most of us. Working on the weekend is the last thing we look forward to, taking us away from our families, preventing us from taking part in hobbies and missing out on doing cool stuff. And we all hate missing out….. 

On this occasion though, we loved being in the room re-connecting with what matters and why we care about what we do. Getting clear on why you care, whether it be creating exercise programs to manage mental health, building relationships to grow your business or helping you as leaders be better leaders….. is key. Yet simply knowing why it matters is useless, unless we do something about it. So answering the “So What” question becomes a critical next step.      

3 Tips to getting clarity of your ‘So What’ question

Here are three tips: 

  1. Make a Plan – having clarity allows you to set out a plan of attack. Getting clear on what your targets are and what it will be like when you achieve them allows you to know why that matters

  2. Clear Next Steps – a plan without action is simply a dream. So setting clear next steps allows you to set out a schedule to achieving your awesome results.

  3. Get Accountable – delivering the plan takes ownership & responsibility. Setting out clear accountability for tasks and delivery timelines will have all involved motivated to deliver.

So how will you use these tips to help you this week? How good will it feel when you can answer these questions with conviction.  
Feel empowered to share this with your networks, so they too can create the journey they want. To chat about investing in yourself, send a note to so we can help you and your teams kickstart the next phase of your growth.

Have an awesome week and keep raising the bar!

Paul Farmer