Mentors in Brisbane

With the constant change that exists at the moment, being able to influence those around us adds real value. Mentoring is something that helps ensure those in your circles are equipped to deliver quality results. Some of Brisbane’s finest leaders act as mentors, providing quality role models for team members to follow.

We all have the ability to lead, and we also have the opportunity to mentor. If you have expertise & experience that will help someone else to improve their performance, now is a perfect time to share these. Guidance and sharing skills will build stronger team members and bring benefits over the long term.

To set up your business and take advantage of potential relaxation of isolation measures over the coming months, here are a couple of tips to help strengthen your teams:

  • Be Invested – genuinely taking an interest in those around you will see them grow. The confidence, the extra skills and the fact you take an interest in them will see a step change and have them take on more… freeing you up to take on higher level work  

  • Listen – sometimes all we really want is to be heard.  Being that person who offers to listen, to help others figure out how to create success for them, will come back to you. This is one of the most powerful tools you can possess    

  • Connect and make time – in uncertain times, like we are experiencing now, connection is something that builds trust. Meet them for coffee, find time in your schedule, make the effort to connect, be there for them… giving certainty to those around you will empower your teams to set the standard.  

We can be the ones to make a difference. Be the first to reach out, the one to listen first, the one to proactively connect with those around you… by taking the first steps you open up the opportunity to create growth. Choose to be the leader that your circle needs right now… you will be pleasantly surprised with the results it brings.. 

Forward this on to those who need this right now. Get in contact if you need a sounding board to see options to keep moving forward. We would love to help add value to your business and teams.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and remember that “as humans, we all want to feel important.”