Model Excellence

Thank you for choosing to invest in you again today.

This week I want you to pick an area of your life where you may be either experiencing challenges or wanting to step up a gear. When you choose to make changes in this area, and I’m sure you will, what is that first step and how do you go about being courageous enough to take it?

One way I find making these decisions is to find someone who has made similar decisions before and model how they chose to act. Why reinvent the wheel when others have already done that?

Whether it be amongst peers, networking events, social occasions or your team, be willing to put your ego in it’s box and get on with learning from the best.  Be willing to be the least educated and have the least experience in the room… this way you can learn from those who have successfully negotiated the path and journey you are on.

So this week set yourself the challenge to make more quality decisions through following the steps others have taken before you.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have, so feel free to send me an email on and have an awesome week!



Paul Farmer

Mentoris Coaching