Value Yourself

Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” 
M. Scott Peck

I had a fear of failure and a need to make sure everything was perfect before taking something on. I had to know I wouldn’t fail before I would say yes… the self doubt stopped me from doing things because I didn’t want to fail. It also meant that I valued safety and not failing more than I did the chance of being successful. I didn’t value myself highly enough…Ever felt like this before? 

Valuing you, your time, your expertise and the value you add to others needs to start with you. Others are getting more than your time….. they are getting your expertise, your experiences, your lessons learned and your live case studies. The past week has seen this pattern show up in quality business owners and team leaders. “I couldn’t possibly charge that much for my time as I wouldn’t pay that for me to do it”.. even though the client had already pre-paid the amount mentioned.

So how can you shift your mindset to value yourself? Here are 3 tips:

  1. You are valuable – the combination of skills, experience, lessons and personal development make you a valuable commodity. Others will engage you as they don’t have these skills so obviously have a gap in their own skillset, or no time to develop them. Be the one to fill their void.  

  2. Don’t compare – you are your own person and have your own skills. We are all different and bring different skills to the table, and you may not be right for everyone, so be comfortable being you and use your skills on your journey.

  3. Invest in you – constantly developing your skills and investing in you will help you see your value. Water a plant and it grows… seeing your own value and how it adds value to others becomes very powerful. Embrace your inner awesomeness and let others experience it!  

This week, think about the value you offer and get comfortable with this. When you own you and see your own value, others will also see the power you bring to the table. Look at what can happen if you do and take that step… you are giving yourself an opportunity to get even more awesome results !!

Feel empowered to forward this on to those in your networks who will get value from our regular sharing. If you want help to have these conversations, send a note to the email below and we will help facilitate this.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director