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The Mentoris Group delivering Clarity & Direction

The constant grind of 20hr days and 80+ hour weeks comes at a cost. This is where the benefit of hindsight and experience gives Paul and the Mentoris Group an ability to add value. 


The Psychology Behind Buying & Selling Property 

Buying or selling your home is a huge decision that can often be a little stressful. With a booming property market there can be added pressure to pack your bags and get moving. 


Is Your Past Holding You Back?

Sometimes things that happen in the past hold you back from experiencing the extraordinary. Sometimes you want to move forward, but the fear of the same old thing happening again prevents you from taking the first step.


First home buyers – start today!

If you think you want to buy a property then start today… as waiting until tomorrow is only going to make the process harder.

This might sound a little aggressive to some, yet it’s all in the way that you look at it. At Mentoris, we help you see the potential for getting the outcomes you want… even when you may not yet see them yourself.