Are you ready?

Have you set out what you want to achieve this week?

When you get in to a car do you set the destination on your GPS... Or do you set off with a general idea of where you want to end up not really having a plan? Winging it each week will get you through the short term... But will it get you to your 'bigger picture' goals?

Here are 5 things to do this Monday morning to set up your week:

1. Set 3 non-negotiable activities for each day

2. Outline your goals for the week and prioritise 

3. Have someone hold you accountable for your week's plan

4. Set up a routine 

5. Lighten up 😀. Make sure you add fun and laughter in your day... It will become contagious!

So take some time this morning to do these five things and see how your week goes.

Let me know how you go!




Paul Farmer