“Never change the person that you are just to fit in. You’ll find your true friends that like you for you, and if you are happy with doing things that you genuinely enjoy, it shouldn’t matter what other people think”. Nicole Anderson

Some of us are natural people pleasers and thrive on everyone around them getting what they want most of the time. Ensuring this happens generally comes at a cost…. your needs and desires get shoved to the back of the queue. How do you then fill your cup so as to keep helping others? When running on empty and your cup is dry, it’s challenging to help others to keep their cup full.

Developing our Self Awareness and being comfortable in who we are, allows us to focus on our journey and show our strengths. Those who need those strengths or have similar strengths, will naturally gravitate to us. By constantly focussing on what other people might think, and changing our behaviour accordingly, we attract those who need that person…. not the authentic leader that we want to be.     

3 Tips to focussing on your journey

Here are my three tips for you today: 

  1. Focus on building up you – when we are being asked to spend a lot of time prioritising others before ourselves, we need to allocate time “me time” to fill our cups and invest in ourselves… make this a priority to do this

  2. Be Authentically you – By choosing to be someone other people want you to be is draining. Being authentically you takes the act out of it and you are able to focus on what really matters.

  3. Always remember it’s your journey – regardless of what everyone else thinks, your journey is your journey. Set your sights on that purpose which gives you goosebumps… and take action to make it happen.

So now knowing this, schedule time in to your calendar to focus on you, what you need to invest in you and recharge your batteries to allow you to operate at 100%.
Please share this with your networks, so they too can create the journey they want. Want those around you to learn how to do this for themselves… send a note to and we’ll help you make it happen.

Have an awesome week and keep raising the bar!

Paul Farmer