The 2019/20 financial year has been described by many as a trainwreck. Most businesses and business leaders have been impacted…. some have seen their clients shut down which in turn impacted them. Others have never been busier and are dealing with the pains of growth… do we add extra team members, how do I create time in my schedule to fit in the new clients, how do I say no to work. We are seeing the challenges across of the spectrum. 

Resetting your strategy is a key part of ensuring you get your train back on track. The disruption that has happened has seen so many dive in to survival mode… getting cash in the door to ensure we survive. But for how long can we just focus on the now? Getting clarity on the next 6-12 months is key to ensure our hard work and effort now is taking us in a direction we want to go longer term.

So to see the benefit of resetting your business strategy, there are 4 key elements that stand out for us:

  1. Clarity = Efficiency – The headless chook syndrome is useful to no one. I’m scrambling without structure or direction is totally inefficient and highlights one thing… you don’t value your time. Get clear on what you want from the next 12 months, what you want your business to be in 12 months and get a plan in place as to how to make it happen
  2. Our teams want to know – show me a team that has no interest in knowing where the company is going and i’ll show you a business preparing to fail. We all want to know what’s ahead for us, what the growth pattern is and what it means for us. Better clients, more training & more opportunities to succeed are high on their agenda… so show them how you plan to feed this 
  3. Targets let us get competitive and celebrate the wins – we all have that competitive streak in us that loves to see a target being smashed, superb reviews being left and others recognising how good we are, Setting KPI’s, Leading & Lagging indicators and measuring these, gives you the ability to mix accountability & recognition. We deliver on our targets… we celebrate like it’s 1999. Set correctly, your targets will drive a culture of success and bring even more celebrations
  4. The 6 P’s of Success – living up to the Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance mantra ensures you make time to shape your version of your business. Strategic sessions run with teams have delivered an aligned, focused and motivated team because they know what’s going on and what matters. Get this booked in for July and get your teams ready to charge on at 100miles per hour.  

Setting a clear strategy and having teams on board delivers huge efficiencies. Your clients benefit, your business benefits, your team members benefit and ultimately you benefit….. it becomes a win / win / win which adds significant value and leaves you with that feeling a successful business gives you.    
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