The feeling of busyness is infecting the way we live our lives. It’s creating way more options of things we can do every day, creating even more decisions that need to be made and creating even more doubt… especially where doubt and fear show up. If you are uncertain to start with, and these things add even more uncertainty, then the impact on your productivity will be obvious. Is this resonating with you and some of those in your circles ?

Should you choose to let the negative thoughts, the indecision, the lack of action taking hold you back… even more frustration is the potential outcome. “I’m not sure how / what to do and I don’t want to reach out and ask for help as there is a fear of being labeled weak or incapable of leading”. This is something that we hear often. For me, reaching out or stepping up shows more leadership than saying nothing and trying to work things out in isolation. Recognising you have the power to change the space you are in, is massive. Be honest with yourself, own that you have the power to change and step up to make things happen… your honesty will facilitate conversations that will create action, movement and momentum.

So now knowing you have the power to create even better results for you and those around you… what can you do to make this happen? Here are a couple of tips to help drive your success:

3 Tips To Manage Uncertainty In Business

  • Be the Energy – in times of uncertainty and indecision, you can influence those around you by bringing an energy that lifts their energy levels. Sometimes we simply need a piece of energy to give us that boost to tackle uncertainty, overcome indecision and continue chasing those things that matter to us. Find your place to get this and be this for those around you… it’s amazing the difference this can make.
  • Do the Stuff – you often already know what is required to create the direction and results you want… yet the fear of upsetting others or having them think less of us if something doesn’t work is real. Bugger that… take the action to make things happen and give yourself an opportunity to experience a piece of the upside… a happier team, a better client experience, an opportunity to treat yourself based on closing some successful deals. Take ownership and be the difference between average and immense.
  • Have the Feeling – Everything you do is based on feelings. You buy that coffee because it makes you feel good; you say yes to that new client or contract because it will be awesome to work with other quality humans; you say NO to that client that doesn’t fit which opens up space to fill with other quality clients. These are all things that drive your desire to feel good… the thing that ultimately drives us to take even more action. Owning your space and getting stuff done increases your chances of experiencing this feeling you want.

It may sound simple and may appear to lack complexity… and it is. With complexity comes uncertainty and inactivity… exactly what we openly look to minimise. By bringing your Energy and taking Action… you will create the Feeling that will continue to motivate you to do even more (because you enjoy it !!!).

If there is someone who needs to receive this message, please forward this on, as we are about helping business owners and leaders crush both business and life. If you want to know how to build this in to your business, contact us and let’s create some clarity in your circles.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.