Opportunity to Change

The Opportunity to Change: Sitting in a coffee shop on Saturday morning, I overheard a couple of business owners discussing their past 6 months.

“We had three people leave due to the new operating system we brought in… we thought they would embrace the change as it was going to save us money”.

“Did they know it was going to save them time as well as you money?”

“I don’t know… I assumed they would have known that’s why we were doing it”.
We all deal with change differently. Some baulk at it, becoming resistant to change their established ways. Others choose to embrace it, seeing it as an opportunity to change, to create new ways to grow.

To effectively embrace change, here are a couple of tips:

  • See the changes as an opportunity… a time to do something new. More time to bring in new business rather than dealing with administrative tasks, develop that new skill to enhance your skill-set, spend more time with your family

  • Identify and Communicate the ‘why ‘… when change is happening and you are disrupting the status quo, let all those impacted know the reason why the changes are happening. “I am adding structure to my day so as to become more efficient”.

  • Model others… seek out those who have successfully created the same change previously and study how they achieved their success.

This week look at the situations where you are being asked to create change, whether by others or by yourself. Apply the above 3 tips and see how the outcomes  change based on your new perspective.

Have an awesome week!