Leaders / Executives

Paul challenges me on my standards, beliefs, strategies and time management which is exactly what I was looking for. It’s taken my focus to a new level and I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me step up.
— Richard Comer - The Vehicle Broker
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Running a business is challenging, especially when you most of your days putting out fires rather than doing what you love. We work with both owners and management teams to deliver: 

  • Strategy sessions - Identifying why you originally got in to business, what's changed, what's causing you to feel flat and in need of creating change

  • Rrecognising the challenges and identifying what your outcomes are. Including the wider team in this is a very effective way to leverage their expertise and generate buy in.    

  • Regular accountability to challenge your progress and assist with maintaining momentum towards the desired outcomes

  • Laser sessions to assist with particular challenging strategies and resetting standards

  • Ongoing support to ensure continued growth