While sitting in a cafe over the weekend, many topics of conversation were thrown in to the mix for discussion… The Rio Olympics, work life imbalance, social calendars were all on topic..

During these conversations, I chose to listen to all that was being discussed and it became immediately apparent that we were maintaining an “above the line” attitude … and it showed. The group were being accountable, showing ownership and taking responsibility for everything they were doing. “I worked really long hours this week… But that was my choice as I wanted to ensure I did a great job in delivering the work required”.

Alternatively it could have been far too easy to blame someone else for the work that needed to be done. This would have meant operating “below the line” where most blame others, deny there are issues or make excuses for results that are being achieved.

So this week, make a conscious effort by choosing to operate above the line yourself and notice where others operate. See how you feel and how others make you feel when they operate below the line… 

Have an awesome week.