Owning Being Overwhelmed

In this week’s video we give you an insight in to how you can own the times when you feel overwhelmed.

During the week I had two specific conversations where successful professionals found themselves feeling like they had too much going on and couldn’t handle everything they expected to get done. With everything they had going on, it was clear how they could feel that way. Now was the time for them see how to own being overwhelmed. 
We all at some time feel overwhelmed. The trick is to find a way to reset quickly, so you can recover and get back to what you need to do. Here are a couple of tips to help you reset and create momentum again:   

  • A little perspective – step back, take a deep breath, walk around the block looking at everything that is going on outside and then ask yourself… is it me who is causing this and what will I change?

  • Small steps v Whole Process – by trying to focus on everything that needs to be done at once, you are similar to a gymnast thinking about their dismount while they are lining up for a tumbling sequence… look at smaller chunks of activity to get you making progress

  • Control – by adding some structure to your days, you will take control of what you have going on and will see opportunities to prioritise, defer and delegate.

This week, when you feel like things might be getting on top of you, take a step back and implement the above tips where appropriate.       

If you are searching for more ways to own your overwhelm then let me know as would love to help you smash it out of the park.

Have an awesome week !