Prioritise Yourself

“One of the things I realised is that if you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don’t prioritise yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list, your kids fall lower and lower on your list”. Michelle Obama

The silly season is well and truly here and Christmas is under 45 days away… some would look at this and fist pump that the holidays are coming up so quickly. Then there are others who look at what they expected to achieve in the 2018 year and realise that there’s so much to get done before they can go on holidays.

If you are in the second of these categories, the natural instinct is to instantly be overwhelmed and lose focus on what you actually want to achieve. I’ve had this conversation so many times over the past month and the “scramble” has taken over. So much to do and so little time… if this is you rest assured you’re not a lone soldier here.

So how do we proactively keep things on track? Here are 3 tips i’ve used to help me get projects completed at this time of year:  

  1. Plan with your team – make sure you have all your activities in your diary, calendar, schedule… including both personal and business commitments. This combination gives you a full picture of what time is already committed and what time is available for unexpected work 

  2. Prioritise your time – Pick the top 3 things you need to get done each day and make them your priority. Every 2 hours check in to see how these are going and what you can do to make them happen

  3. Say NO – the expectation that you will take on everything in the timeframe of others is totally unproductive for you. Look at your schedule, your timeline for delivery and push back if you have to. “I’m currently working on something, I can get this to you by XXX time…. does this suit your timelines?” i’ve found to be very effective.

When you find yourself spinning your wheels because there is so much that needs to be done, apply these tips and implement your strategy for getting great results pre Christmas.    

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Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director