List Of Business Goals

How do we put down that list of business goals and relax?Ask most and they will say this year has been hectic again. Filling already busy schedules with even more activities, building businesses, managing teams and their performance, striving to deliver exceptional value, more travel and time in the office, pressure to exceed expectations and aiming to smash targets and taste success.

So when we get to December, it’s easy for us to be running on fumes… tired, stressed, over-overreacting to insignificant things, pushing to finish off the year and hit the targets we set in January. The list of business goals we have continue to push us to keep burning the candle at both ends. So we have 2 weeks to deliver on these goals…. then we need a break !!

Make time to invest in you... your energy levels determine your ability to keep charging on. Mrs Frost’s Kitchen is a perfect place to do this.

Make time to invest in you… your energy levels determine your ability to keep charging on. Mrs Frost’s Kitchen is a perfect place to do this.

On the weekend we took some time out to stop, choosing to take an afternoon and have someone else do the work… no goals, no striving to hit targets, no focus on customers, no phones. An opportunity to invest in us… and it was amazing !!!

So how can you ensure you arrive back after your break recharged and ready to have a positive impact on your businesses and be ready to tackle that list of business goals?… here are some tips:

  • Set your 2020 strategy now
    Having your 2020 set up before the break means you can come back and get straight in to making it happen. Setting it in January means you will have to wait until then to get clarity and direction. Remove the uncertainty and get it done this year.

  • Leave work at work
    The purpose of taking holidays is to do just that… take holidays. Work through a strategy to ensure any work that comes up over the break will be handled, and ensure everyone gets an opportunity to chill out. “Fill your cup” becomes the focus of this time.

  • Invest in You
    Do those things that bring you happiness and spend time with those who make you happy. Read a book, eat cake, spend quality time with family, walk on the grass without shoes on, listen to stories around the dinner table…. things that matter to you.

Making time for you and those around you takes proactively being able to leave work at work. Set your strategy, finish off the year strongly and switch off over the break. To hit 2020 at full steam, and to make it a cracking year, top up your energy, your focus and most importantly…. reconnect with “Why I do what I do.”

Please forward this to anyone who needs help managing this process. If you need help getting the best result in these circumstances… let’s chat about how we can help.

Paul Farmer
Managing Director