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This past weekend was one of concerts, building relationships and a huge success that was a long time coming. With all these events, one of the common underlying themes was being selfish…. putting yourself first, looking after number one to create success. But doesn’t this go against all we are told growing up… don’t be selfish?

Watching Bernard Fanning live, it’s hard to forget he was once the front man of the internationally acclaimed band Powderfinger, who went out on his own in what some would say was a selfish move. Yet this was his way of ensuring he could focus on his music and bring even more to those who love his music.

The Wallabies have spent the past two years focussing on themselves, developing their skills, exposing new players to the international level and doing what they believe they need to do to be able to beat the rest of the world at the World Cup in Japan 2019. Is this being selfish and seemingly against the desires of the Australian supporters, you bet, yet by beating the All Blacks for the first time in 805 days it has given the Australian people a slither of hope to hold on to. 

By putting yourself first, you are able to create even more success. So how can being selfish be a good thing? 

  1. Build Self awareness – investing in you helps build the confidence to take on challenges and raise the quality of your results

  2. Fill your Cup first – during a workshop I was running, one of the participants used a metaphor that resonated… “When on a plane and the masks drop from the roof, they suggest you put your mask on first before helping others”. This apt image shows by looking after yourself first, you are then able to help others.

  3. Others benefit – should Bernard and the Wallabies focus on doing what others want, then they would not bring renewed enjoyment to the masses as they wouldn’t be raising their game and bringing new and exciting standards.

So this week, consider how selfish or selfless you are. Do you need to focus on your growth so those around you can ultimately benefit from a better you? I’ll be making time – time that I see as a very worthwhile investment.  

Have an awesome week team!