Self Belief

In this week’s video we give you a couple of tips to help you be the person who boldly chooses their direction and is empowered by their self belief.

Walking through the Jan Powers Markets on the weekend, I kept to my Sat morning habit of getting a freshly made juice. Talking to Len the stall owner, I was curious about how he started at the markets. To my surprise, a friend recommended he start helping at the markets as a way of building his self belief and self confidence. 

Self belief challenges can cause us to be indecisive and miss taking opportunities. Past experiences and outcomes will impact our ability to look forward, should we choose to let it.   

If you start questioning your ability, here are a couple of tips to help you move forward:

  • you have all you need within you already

  • you’ve had success before so can have it again

  • focus on what could go right to drive your decisions

This week, should you find yourself questioning yourself, take a moment to run through the above tips. These will give you a renewed perspective on what is possible and get you creating some momentum.    

Let me know whether you take even more action as a result of these tips and have an awesome week !