Building self confidence through Small business consulting

Building self confidence through Small business consulting

As far as self-confidence goes, so much of social media is about approval, getting likes, comparing our lives to others’ – meanwhile, confidence is an inside job: it’s about how you feel about yourself regardless of what anyone else does or thinks. It’s a knowing that you are human, you are flawed, and you are awesome in your own way. Jen Sincero

Something doesn’t go as you expected, a potential client says they are going with a competitor, you are knocked back or overlooked for a promotion even though you’ve worked hard…. these all have the potential to cause your self confidence to take a hit. It’s very easy for this to happen and it can drain you of your natural energy.

Resetting your Self confidence and getting yourself back on the front foot is key to regaining the momentum that is needed to get the awesome results you want. This can come from those around you (you’ve heard me bang on about how vital it is to have a network of quality people around you) or from you yourself. “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me” is a phrase a mentor of mine uses all the time which I have adopted. Building yourself up, seeing how capable you are and how you can do the tasks you have now… sets you on your path to fantastic results.  

Here are 3 tips i’ve used to rebuild my self confidence:  

  1. You’ve achieved before – strength and confidence comes from believing you can do something. Think of ways you have successfully achieved in the past, which back up your belief that it’s possible in the now and going forward  

  2. Control the controllable – worrying or making assumptions about what other people think will impact your belief that something is possible. Focus on what you can control… your thoughts, your actions, your direction… and your belief with return 

  3. Let go of the What if’s – focussing on what might happen, what might be around the corner, what might be the reaction to doing something. It’s believed that 95% of What if’s don’t actually happen so focus on now and back you to make the best decision for you now 

So this week, when a challenge comes at you and you find your self confidence taking a hit, apply these tips and realise you are strong, you are in control and you will get the results you want because you will be taking action.    

Please forward to those in your networks who will get value from our tips. If you’d like some assistance with implementing these, send us a note at and we’d love to chat about adding value for you.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director