In this week’s video we give you an insight in to how spending some time in all areas of your life will bring you balance.

In late June I sat down and looked at where my time was being spent. Despite consistently being busy, there was that feeling I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in all areas of my life. Low on energy, my focus wasn’t 100% on living a  healthy lifestyle.

So as a result I chose to change the way I spent my time…. including 3 PT sessions a week to increase my fitness and energy, a weekly family call to catch up on their news, and dedicated date night with my fiancé. All these were designed to ensure a healthy spread of time over all parts of my life.     

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the results you want:

  • Look at all areas of your life (Business, Hobbies, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Family & Friends, Personal Growth) and the quality of time you spend on each

  • Ask the question – can I spent more time on areas that will enhance more than just that area (i.e. Fitness gives energy to ensure more alert at work)

  • Make the change – the easy option is to see that certain areas are being neglected and to continue the same patterns. Look at the potential results you will get when you do mix up the way you spend your time

This week, step back and look at how you allocate the time in your day. Are there changes you can make to bring you back in to balance. I’ve never felt better having changed my fitness habits… what’s going to be your success story?     

Let me know how you go and have an awesome week !