Start with the Outcome!

Over the weekend I chose to take on a physical challenge. Waking up early, we drove the 120km to the Sunshine Coast hinterland, with the purpose of climbing Mount Coolum which stands 208m above the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Initially looking at the steep climb required to reach the top, complete with jagged rock steps, sheer drop off sides and humid mid-morning temperatures, it would have been far too easy to get back in the car and go for a swim in the surf.  

Considering we had already made a significant effort to get to the mountain, it was now about shifting the focus from reasons we can’t (below the line thinking / at effect) to reasons we will (above the line thinking / at cause).

Where our focus needed to be:

Small steps required to reach the top vs the whole journey – ‘bite sized pieces’
Start with your desired Outcome in mind – stand at the desired outcome and look back at the steps required to reach the outcome
Others have completed the challenge (climbed that mountain) – model their successful journey
A successful climb stood in the way of meeting up with others for brunch based on telling them we were making the climb before coming to see them – Accountability

So this week, step back before you take on challenges and ask yourself three questions:

Where is your focus? 
Where does it need to be?
What action will you take once your focus is where it should be?

Have an awesome week and please let me know how you get on.